The 6 Week Yoga for Emotional Balance Online Course is for women who want to:

Feel grounded, nurtured, safe and at home in the body.

Welcome more pleasure, love and contentment into their life.

Know and LOVE their whole Sensual, Sensitive, Emotional Self.

Without feeling overwhelmed or engaging in programs that demand hours of study or activities that leave you more in your head and further from your Heart. 

The truth is most women long to feel Grounded, Nurtured and Embodied but often never feel that way because an old belief that emotions are a weakness or a burden keep them disconnected from true Self Love and a wellspring of life force, creativity and sensuality.

You want to feel Grounded and Nurtured, Instead you feel Overwhelmed and


The reality is without a connection to your emotional wisdom your capacity for pleasure, love and contentment will always be limited. And you might always feel like there's a part of you that is missing, broken or needs to be fixed.

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What’s Included in this Program?

  • 6 hours of Guided embodiment practices (Yin Yoga & Gentle Movement)
  • 2 hours of theory and information videos
  • Weekly downloadable guided compassionate meditations & tune ins
  • Weekly Home Play suggestions
  • Worksheets to help you build a toolbox of your favourite resources & self care practices
  • Access to these online resources for 6 months to repeat as often as you like or to take your time working through each module. 
  • Discounted 1:1 mentoring sessions with Lani for 6 weeks ($90 for 90 minutes)

Embracing your own unique rhythm and pace is a core part of this journey into the Feminine Emotional Body, so you're invited to work through these resources at whatever pace feels right for you. You may find you want to repeat one week several times before moving on.

Week 1

Resting & Nurturing – Mindfulness & Intro to your Nervous System

Week 2

Grounding & Belonging – Cultivating a connection to your body & Fear

Week 3

Emotions, Feminine Sensuality & Creativity – Embracing your feminine essence & Shame

Week 4

Strength & Power – Exploring Beliefs & Diet – Connecting to the power of Anger

Week 5

Compassion & Love – Embodying the gifts of vulnerability & Grief

Week 6

Expression & Soul Purpose – Expressing the gifts of your sensitivity and your own unique voice.

  • You set intentions to not react to emotions but in the heat of the moment you still find you shrink, hide or explode
  • You may even have been on a self development path for many years and have learnt lots of skills but always feel too busy or too full to practice them and end up feeling more overwhelmed and disconnected
  • You’ve tried Positive Thinking but still feel frustrated, sad, angry or numb

And the worst thing is…. 

The more you try to fix the problem the more you end up feeling over stimulated, unable to rest in your body and disconnected from your Heart. 

That’s why I created the 6 Week Women’s Yoga for Emotional Balance.

A Self Paced Journey into the

Feminine Emotional Body. 

For Women who want to feel more Grounded, Nurtured and Self Loving.

The Core Emotional Wound of Feminine Power and Sensuality

For many women, particularly the deep feelers, thinkers, empaths and highly sensitives, a deep core wound has been carried into adulthood that says your femininity is a burden and something to be suppressed, hidden or fixed.

Particularly true when it comes to emotions, meaning you may have learnt at a young age that emotions were good or bad and something to avoid (unless it was Joy!)

This belief creates a fragmented sense of Self and a disconnection from one of the most powerful and beautiful parts of the feminine – your capacity to Feel (your Self and Others).

Often picked up in your early childhood years – if you grew up in a household where parents were not able to emotionally attune to you, or role model healthy emotional expression. Or in a school system that was gender biassed and valued achievements over the feeling, intuitive, subtler aspects of life.

But what if those beliefs are actually keeping you small and under nourished?

Are you ready to rewrite some stories and welcome home all the pieces of you?!

For lifetimes the feminine subtle qualities (feeling, sensual, intuitive) have been oppressed and shamed. But you're invited to rewrite YOUR STORY and cultivate Self Love from the inside out.

Through the 6 week Emotional Balance journey you'll be prompted to stop looking outside for the Love and Acceptance you've been craving. And instead to focus on creating an Inner Sanctuary where your feminine wholeness is loved, respected and embodied. 

When you find this deeper connection to your own wild and natural Self you:

  • Notice more of the beauty in life.
  • Create stronger more loving boundaries that honour your sovereign power.
  • Feel more relaxed and at peace with who you are naturally. 
  • No longer allow yourself to be manipulated or dominated by external messages that leave you feeling broken or needing to be fixed.
  • Feel more confident to show up as your whole beautiful, sensual, sensitive, deep feeling Self. 

“I loved every minute. You have a very special gift Lani of creating and holding a space to unravel and explore this beautiful practice. Thank you”

"Lani provides an incredible experience every time. Heart centred, gentle and graceful. I have completed several of her offerings including deep rest, new moon, women's circle, cacao ceremonies and the full day retreats. I encourage everyone to experience this wonderful deep dive into stillness. You'll want to come back for more... always."

“This was an excellent course well guided and it flowed so well and many of the skills and practices discussed will be easy to put into practice most days.”

“Lani, thank you so much for your energy, love & time. You created a beautiful safe space to soften & allow. The layout of the course week to week felt like it flowed naturally.”

Why work with Me?

Because I’ve been there, I know what it’s like to be a deep feeling, thinking, overwhelmed and dissatisfied woman. For years I jumped from course to course, workshop to workshop, relationship to relationship trying to fix this part in me I thought was a mistake. 

Until I realised that every single one of my emotions served a purpose, their call to action allowing me to feel alive within myself and in the deep connections that I longed for. 

It was only when I began to slow down and truly explore my inner world that the gifts of my emotions and sensitivity revealed themselves to me. This course is an introduction to some of the tools and gifts I’ve uncovered through a decade of studying and working with women.

Hi, I’m Lani,

The heart & voice behind heArt of Rest, a sanctuary for you to Rest, Be and Connect to your true Self. A place whIere you can receive support and encouragement to Rest into your authentic Self – calm, radiant and revitalised. ⁠

I believe your feminine sensuality and emotional wholeness is a gift. A gift screaming to be seen, heard, loved & shared. But when the world we live in hasn’t encouraged your unique gifts they can begin to feel like a burden. After years of not being acknowledged you can be left feeling disempowered, overwhelmed, uncomfortable and ashamed. But there is such wisdom in your beautifully sensitive nervous system, which you tap into through harnessing the magic of your emotional wisdom. ⁠

I’m a qualified Yin and Hatha Yoga and Meditation instructor and I’ve spent the past 10 years studying and teaching Women’s embodiment practices, Yoga for Trauma, Tools for the Highly Sensitive Person, Grief Loss and Trauma Counselling, Psoas release, Sacred Sexuality and Tantra. Drawing from all of these tools my intention is to support you in embracing all of who you are and to shift stagnant energy, beliefs and holding patterns in your body so you can choose to receive life in it’s fullness.

After losing my mum to cancer at a young age I struggled against depression, stress, sensitivity, grief and exhaustion for a good chunk of my adult life. For as long as I could remember I was always told I was too sensitive and the message that stuck with me was “my emotions are bad and it’s not safe to express them”. So I did my best to keep them hidden playing the people pleaser and letting perfectionism control my life. Until eventually my body couldn’t carry the weight of all of the words and feelings I hadn’t expressed and I began to listen.

I am so grateful for the teachers, mentors and friends that offered safe passage for me to navigate my emotional world and to learn to embrace it as much as my light. I’m so blessed to now be able to share this wisdom with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have any yoga experience to benefit from this course? No, no previous experience is needed. You’ll be guided through each of the embodiment practices.

How long will I have access to this course for? You’ll have access to the course for 6 months from the date of purchase. The content is ever evolving so you’ll receive access to updated content as it is published.

How do I book 1:1 sessions with Lani at the discounted rate? Check your Welcome Email for the course it will have a link and special coupon code you can use for all sessions booked during the first 6 weeks of your course.

I’m working through childhood trauma with a counsellor or psychologist right now, is this course suitable for me? Yoga and meditation are really powerful tools for cultivating more self awareness and self compassion. They’re also tools that can really help support you as you move through big transitions and the healing of trauma, however this course is not a replacement for counselling or psychotherapy session and no medical advice will be provided. If you’re not currently working with a therapist and find you need extra support email [email protected] and recommendations to heart centred counsellors, psychotherapists and health professionals can be provided to support your journey.